I fucking rule at this blogging thing.

Yeah yeah I know, updating once every 6 months isn’t the best way to manage a blog but it turns out real life is kinda busy. I’ve actually ended up quitting cigarettes, I bought a couple of (better) ecigs and they are significantly better than the blu ecig crap. I haven’t had a real cigarette since valentines day. The best part is not spending nearly as much money. Speaking of spending money, I bought a Cooler Master Quickfire Storm “stealth” keyboard. It has green Cherry MX switches, and is quite frankly the best keyboard I’ve ever used. I wasn’t sure I’d want a keyboard that didn’t have a 10key, but now that I see it on my desk I realize it leaves so much more room for empty beer cans, so it’ll be fine.

Quitting smoking with the help of an e-cig.

So I finally decided to quit smoking. Yesterday was my first full day without a cigarette in months. I bought a blu e-cig starter kit from Walgreens, they were on sale for $29.99. I figured as long as it helped me not buy cigarettes for 3-4 days it would offset the cost enough to at least break even. It’s already done that, and one of my friends showed me how to refill the blu cartridges with generic fluid so I’d save even more on that. However, it turns out I’m either allergic or at least “sensitive” to the fluid I bought to refill the things, so I have to stop using it.  Continue reading

I moved! (also, other stuff)

This is old news now, but I moved from Kenmore, WA to the North Beacon Hill area of Seattle. I’m two blocks away from the light rail station now and it’s pretty darn fantastic. On top of that, I’m saving around $100 a month on fuel alone because I’m so much closer to work and don’t have to deal with traffic anymore. After fighting with Wave Broadband over whether or not I should pay the previous tenant’s unpaid debt before they would turn on my service, I got it all sorted out and have internet in my apartment now. Funny thing about that is they offer $5 per month modem only rental, or $8 per month modem/wifi router rental. They use the same modem for both, it has built in wifi. I chose modem only and got the wifi router, only to find out it’s the only option. You just could pay more if you wanted to.

Friday night I went to a thing called Honkfest, it Continue reading

Well that was a waste of money.

I went to go see the USMNT play against Panama at Centurylink Field. The stadium oversold GA pretty severely, so I ended up leaving before the match even started. I watched the game from Temple Billiards, and it was far more enjoyable than sitting with the sportsball fans that invaded soccer for the day.

I never want to hear that stupid “I believe” chant ever again. This isn’t the midwest and we’re not at a basketball game.

Go home Java, you’re drunk.



No details? Sure, I’ll install it anyways.


Well, I guess not.


A few weeks ago I was supposed to drive down to Portland for Rallycross, but the morning of I was too hungover to move so I just skipped it. On May 12th I am going down there with my brand new GoPro, if I can get the damn thing to work I’ll have lots of video to post later.


I have my printer up and running again, this weekend I will attempt to print the defdist lower again.


Have Blue’s edit to the DefDist printable lower receiver.

I was at work when I posted that last link, on my laptop I have limited tools so I just opened the STEP file and exported it as STL without looking at it beyond making sure it was sliceable. Have Blue took the time to actually inspect (and repair) the file, so he gets credit for this one. I’m just hosting the file so everyone can download it.

Unrelated-ish sidenote: If you buy a combination of the wrong smooth rods (too soft) and chinese linear bearings, it will wear grooves into your rods rendering them effectively unusable.

DefDist AR-15 lower receiver in printable STL format.

The DefCad AR-15 lower download is in .STEP format, and that doesn’t do much good. I downloaded freecad and converted it to .STL format. It sliced for me but I don’t have my printer up and running at this exact moment so I can’t say if it is a legit conversion or not.




Hopefully my printer will be up to the task soon enough. I need to replace my smooth rods and bearings.

Check out my Subaru!

So that’s it then, I guess I live in Seattle now. I showed up, got a tech job, bought a Subaru, and started drinking fancy beer (sometimes).


IMG_0018 IMG_0019


I’m averaging about 25ish miles per gallon with a lot of stop and go driving. The Ford Explorer I was driving got around 15. The only downside is the clutch is KILLING my calf muscle with all the traffic.